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Jun 01, 2019

Managing Herbicide Resistant Common Ragweed

Common Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) is a native summer annual weed of many cropping systems in the mid-Atlantic. It is often encountered as weed in agronomic crops as well as vegetable, orchards, roadsides, and abandoned fields. Common ragweed can thrive in lower fertility soils and is often more severe in reduced or no-tillage situations. In Maryland, populations of glyphosate resistant common ragweed were first confirmed in 2014. Resistance to ALS herbicides was also confirmed the same year. In most areas of Maryland, common ragweed has two-way resistance to both glyphosate and ALS chemistry. In 2017, pockets of three way resistant common ragweed plants were confirmed in parts of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland to PPO, ALS and glyphosate. Herbicide resistant common ragweed can be very difficult to control in agronomic crops, particularly soybeans.
May 01, 2019

Homesickness Tips for a Successful Summer Camp Experience

There are times when you are so filled with yearning, so desperate about being away from the people you love that you miss everything: the house that has sheltered you, your room, your pillow, your favorite dinner that your mom makes, the pet that you hug every day. You miss it so much that in that moment you think you are going to die. That’s homesickness.” (Thompson, 2012, p.63). Home sickness is a very common occurrence at summer camp, and camp staff are trained and ready to help children in any way they can to have a successful time. However preparing your child for an amazing summer starts from the moment you decide to send them to camp. Here are a few tips to help parents and children prepare for homesickness as you ready for camp.
Apr 01, 2019

Eastern Shore Agriculture Needs Assessment 2015 Survey Results

The University of Maryland Extension (UME) conducted an agricultural needs assessment for the nine counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2015. This survey will help UME understand issues concerning Eastern Shore agriculture, identify agricultural and educational needs and focus UME agricultural training and resources. The survey was conducted in 2015 and included four sections: 1) industry priorities, concerns and viability; 2) research and education needs; 3) education and training preferences; and 4) demographic and farm information. Results were received from 295 farmers through paper or online surveys.
Apr 01, 2019

Clean, Abundant Groundwater: Good for People, Agriculture, & the Environment

Groundwater is the largest supply of freshwater on earth, and the biggest source of drinking water for the U.S. Protecting groundwater is both an important public health and environmental issue and concern. By understanding how we impact this resource and following simple practices, we all can be better stewards of our groundwater.
Apr 01, 2019

Palmer Amaranth in Maryland

Palmer amaranth, Amaranthus palmeri, is a new invasive weed in the pigweed family that has become a major challenge for farmers across the U.S. for much of the last decade. Native to the Sonora Desert of Arizona and Northern Mexico, Palmer amaranth is well adapted to the hot Maryland summers. It was first discovered in Maryland during the mid-twentieth century, but the presence of herbicide resistant Palmer amaranth was not confirmed until 2014. Since then it has spread to most regions of the state including Eastern, Southern, and Western Maryland. The spread of Palmer amaranth has been hastened by the movement of contaminated equipment, feed, and seed from infested areas.
Apr 01, 2019

North and Western Maryland Agriculture Needs Assessment 2017 Survey Results

The University of Maryland Extension (UME) conducted an agricultural needs assessment for the seven counties in northern and western Maryland in 2017. This survey will help UME faculty and administration understand issues concerning regional agriculture, identify agricultural and educational needs and focus UME agricultural training and resources.
Apr 01, 2019

Medical Credit: Safety Net or Debt Trap?

Paying for health care can be a struggle, even if you have insurance. Many doctors and dentists now offer a special medical credit card to pay for services. However, medical credit card interest and fees can be very expensive. They add extra costs to medical care when money is already tight.
Apr 01, 2019

Keep Track of Your Important Health Insurance and Health Care Papers

You can save hours of frustration if you have a plan for organizing and keeping your health insurance plan and family health care papers. The purpose of this fact sheet is to help you understand the importance of organizing and keeping health care papers handy and easy to locate when you need them.
Feb 01, 2019

Farm Business Planning

Planning is essential to any business, no matter how large or small your inventory, payroll and bank account. To be sustainable and profitable a farm operation must have a clear understanding of production, marketing, finances and labor. Having these plans mentally is not enough! Taking time to formulate thoughts, evaluate your business, devise a strategy, and anticipate possible problems will help your business be successful. The Farm Business Planning tools on this page will help put you on the right track.
Cover image of the Farm Business Planning Workbook
Jan 01, 2019

General Recommendations for Managing Nematodes in Field Crops

Nematodes are an economically important pathogen of many crops in Maryland. Significant yield loss can occur if nematodes are not managed properly. This factsheet serves as a broad introduction to nematodes as plant pathogens and serves as a general guide for sampling and managing nematodes in Maryland.