Sharing "The Woods in Your Backyard" program

The Woodland Stewardship Education program has developed a variety of ways to share "The Woods in Your Backyard" program. 


About the Program

A workshop of "The Woods in Your Backyard" runs a minimum of four hours. The program can be divided into smaller segments as needed. The cost for the workshop includes The Woods in Your Backyard guide and workbook. Pre-registration is required.

Contact your local Extension office to learn if there is an upcoming program in your county. Once you have attended a Woods in Your Backyard workshop, we encourage you to share it with friends, family and neighbors. If there is a need for a workshop in your community, please contact us for more information. Leadership resources have been provided below for your program.

The following resources are designed to be presented in a workshop of two 1.5-hour sessions.


PowerPoint with narration


Less Grass, More Trees

PowerPoint with narration


Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Woods in Your Backyard

PowerPoint with narration


Managing Natural Areas

PowerPoint with narration

Sample Evaluation Form for Workshop Follow-up

Download (Word file)