Creating, Enhancing, and Maintaining natural Areas

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Written for green industry professionals, land managers and forest industry professionals in the eastern U.S. by The Woods in Your Backyard Partnership, Woodland Health Practices Handbook promotes land stewardship for the owner’s enjoyment and for improved environmental quality. 

A sample PDF of this copyrighted publication is available.

Subtitled "A Practitioner's Guide for Creating, Enhancing, and Maintaining Natural Areas," this handbook is designed for green industry professionals, such as arborists and landscape architects, who are interested in expanding their businesses into land care practices. The handbook is accompanied by the Health Assessment Checklist to help professionals and land owners understand natural area conditions.

Woodland Health Practices Handbook

The handbook outlines small-scale natural areas management services including wildlife habitat enhancement, forestry practices, chosen tree release, creating natural havens, invasive plant and insect identification and control, creating food plots, and more.

Available for sale through Penn State Extension

The Woodland Health Assessment assists professionals and landowners in evaluating a variety of natural area conditions and in identifying potential areas for management, based on individual objectives.

Download the free Woodland Health Assessment here.

Land Care Plan Template

The Land Care Plan Template assists professionals in summarizing findings from the Woodland Health Assessment and Checklist. The findings can then be shared with landowners as part of a discussion about potential land care projects. The PDF has fillable fields.

Download the free Template here (PDF)