Riparian corridor
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Restoration and Bioengineering

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General Information

The Bay Journal

Chesapeake Bay Program, Forest Buffer Restoration

Connecticut River Joint Commissions Riparian Buffers for the Connecticut River Valley

Farm Service Agency


Iowa State University Extension - Stewards of Our Streams

Maryland Department of the Environment, Water Programs - Funding Assistance for Public and Private Restoration Projects

Maryland Department of the Environment - Wetlands and Waterways Programs

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Assessing Forest Buffer Functions Report

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Our Waters

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Riparian Forest Buffers

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Maryland Stream ReLeaf Program

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - The Critical Area Buffer

Maryland Natural Resources Conservation Service

National Parks Service

National Showcase Watersheds

Nature Conservancy-Invasive Plants

Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry

Pennsylvania Office of River Basin Commissions

Pennsylvania Stream Releaf

River Management Society

USDA National Agroforestry Center - Resources: Riparian Forest Buffers

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service - National Conservation Buffer Initiative                                                                         - Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation
                                                                        - Riparian Forest Buffers as Wildlife Habitat

Virginia Department of Forestry - Riparian Forest Buffers

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Webinars and Videos

Buffer Environmental Education Series (BEES)

Riparian Forest Buffers: Link Between Land and Water

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

            Nutrient Odyssey/ Ecosystems

             IAN Seminar Series: Donald Weller: Effects of Riparian Buffers on Nitrate Concentrations

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Restoration and Bioengineering

Buffer Building Becomes Business

Conservation Buffers.  Design Guidelines for Buffers, Corridors, and Greenways

Cropland Riparian Buffers throughout Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Spatial Patterns and Effects on Nitrate Loads Delivered to Streams

Delaware Adopt A Buffer Toolkit

Design Recommendations for Riparian Corridors and Vegetated Buffer Strips

EPA River Corridor and Wetland Restoration

Federal Stream Corridor Restoration Handbook

A Geospatial Methodology to Identify Locations of Concentrated Runoff from Agricultural Fields

North Carolina State University Stream Restoration: A Natural Channel Design Handbook

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Stream Releaf Forest Buffer Toolkit

Restoring Wetland and Riparian/Streamside Buffers: An Introduction

Riparian Buffer Zones: Functions and Recommended Widths

USDA ARS Riparian Ecosystem Management Model (REMM)

USDA Forest Service - A Soil Bioengineering Guide for Streambank and Lakeshore Stabilization
                                 - Stream Systems Technology Center

USDA NRCS Stream Restoration

USDA Riparian Forest Buffer Conservation Job Sheet 391

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Bibliographies and Literature Reviews

A Review of the Scientific Literature on Riparian Buffer Width, Extent and Vegetation

Buffer Bibliography

Costs and Benefits of Riparian Forest Management: A Literature Review

EPA Riparian Buffer Width, Vegetative Cover, and Nitrogen Removal Effectiveness: A Review of Current Science and Regualtions

Function, Design, and Establishment of Riparian Forest Buffers: A Review

New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientist. Buffer Literature Cited and Bibliography

Riparian Soils. A Literature Review

Streamside Forest Buffer Width Needed to Protect Stream Water Quality, Habitat, and Organisms: A Literature Review

The Science Behind the Need for Riparian Buffer Protection

USDA National Agricultural Library - Water Quality Information Center Bibliographies

US Environmental Protection Agency

          Office of Water Nonpoint Source News-Notes

          Riparian Buffer Width, Vegetative Cover, and Nitrogen Removal Effectiveness: A Review of Current Science and Regulations

Vegetated Stream Riparian Zones: Their Effects on Stream Nutrients, Sediments, and Toxic Substances



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