The University of Maryland Extension Commercial Ornamental Horticulture Team focuses on integrated pest management methods and best management practices for growing greenhouse crops. We publish IPM alerts throughout the year to inform greenhouse growers of potential problems to help them monitor their crops more closely to prevent problems from occurring. We conduct applied research trials to provide growers with effective pest control options and methods for implementing biological control programs in their operations. We organize various educational programs, ranging from hands-on IPM Scout training to biological control options, throughout the year. 

Highlights of the Greenhouse Industry from the 2018 Maryland Horticulture Survey
Out of $1.376 billion in sales, greenhouse products consist of the following:

Annuals - 21%
Herbaceous perennials – 15%
Specialty greenhouse (includes house plants and tropical plants) – 2%

Insect Problems in Greenhouses

Biological Control in Greenhouses

Disease Problems on Greenhouse Crops

Cultural Issues