With an emphasis on integrated pest management (IPM) methods and best management practices, the University of Maryland Extension Commercial Ornamental Horticulture Team supports a strong nursery and landscape industry.

  • We publish a weekly IPM alert from late March through October to inform nursery growers and commercial horticulture professionals of potential problems to help them monitor their crops and landscapes more closely to prevent problems from occurring.
  • We conduct applied research trials to provide growers with effective pest control options and methods for implementing biological control programs in their operations.
  • We organize various educational programs, ranging from hands-on IPM Scout training to biological control options.  
  • Root aphids on the roots of Bigelowia plant

    Latest Research

    Root mealybugs and root aphids (photo) are major pests of plants in the horticulture trade. They are below-ground feeding insects that have become more difficult to control as production of their host plants increases. This group of insects is frequently overlooked because they feed below-ground. Stanton Gill, University of Maryland, and Brian Kunkel, University of Delaware, have conducted research trials over multiple years evaluating products to control these insects. The results have been published in a Journal of Environmental Horticulture article (Vol. 39, Issue 4, December 2021).

  • Spotted lanternfly adult-pinned specimen

    What's Happening Now: Early 2022

    Spotted Lanternfly - New Quarantine Areas are effective as of January 20, 2022: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Carroll County, Cecil County, Frederick County, Harford County, Howard County, Kent County, Montgomery County, and Washington County.

2018 Industry Survey

According to the 2018 Maryland Horticulture Industry Survey, gross sales were an estimated $1.376 billion in 2018.

Landscaper sales accounted for 41% of the industry’s sales
Grower sales accounted for 35% of the industry’s sales
Retail sales accounted for 14% and other sales accounted for 10%

Maryland growers (wholesale and resale) generated an estimated $1.376 billion in sales with the following breakdown:

•Woody Plants 44% -$609 million
•Annuals 21% -$296 million
•Herbaceous Perennials 15% -$200 million
•Other 16% -$213 million
•Specialty Greenhouse 2% -$30 million
•Aquatic Plants 1% -$17 million
•Christmas Trees 1% -$11 million