October 12, 2021
By Andrew Kness


If your private pesticide applicator license expires in December and you do not have the 4 credits required for renewal, then you will need to obtain credits. Four (4) credits required for private applicator renewal will be offered at all of our winter Extension crop production meetings. These meetings will also count towards nutrient management voucher training. A second option is to attend a two-hour pesticide recertification meeting (see pages 7-8).

For those who are not comfortable or willing to attend an in-person meeting, we have a self-paced online course that you can complete. This course can be accessed through our website at https://extension.umd.edu/resource/pesticide-safety-and-training. Once you complete the request form you will be directed to a list of recordings. Choose topics that interest you and answer the questions embedded in the videos. You must watch enough presentations to equal at least two hours of training in order to get the 4 credits necessary to renew your license. After completion, we will forward your name and information to the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) and they will apply the credits to your account. You must still go on MDA’s website to renew your license ($7 fee), or request a paper form from MDA and pay by check.

A third option for recertification is the Private Applicator Recertification Workbook. This workbook is intended to give Maryland Private Pesticide Applicators that do not have access to online options the recertification training (4 credits) needed to renew the applicator’s license. Topics covered in this workbook are MDA-approved and are equivalent to two hours of in-person training needed every three years to renew your private applicator’s license. This workbook is also approved for three (3) Delaware credits and two (2) core Pennsylvania credits. In order to receive credit you must complete the entire workbook. At the end of the workbook you will answer a 30-question quiz and return it to the Baltimore County Extension office.

To order your free workbook, please call the Harford County Extension office at (410) 638-3255. After passing all requirements for the workbook, you will still have to pay the $7 renewal fee to MDA to acquire your new license (as mentioned above). If you have any questions or concerns regarding pesticide applicator training, contact your local ag agent. If you have any questions regarding renewals or the status of your license, please contact the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulation Division at (410) 841-5710.