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  • How do I get rid of those pesky weeds without chemicals?
  • What is the best variety of tomato for a container garden?
  • What is the best time to plant grass seed?
  • Why is my boxwood turning yellow?
  • Is it OK to compost oak leaves?

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  • Soil testing information – including a How-to video
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*Gardening season is considered by many to be a year-round hobby! Catch the fever!

Master Gardener Program

The mission of the Howard County Master Gardeners is to educate residents about safe, effective, and sustainable horticultural practices that build healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities. The Master Gardener program is administered by the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Service.

Howard County Master Gardeners are volunteers, trained by the university, who provide horticultural education services to individuals, groups, and communities including government agencies, neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, historic sites, schools and youth groups, senior citizens and garden clubs. Master Gardener programs and services are available free of charge to all Howard County residents and community groups. 

Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy

Congratulations to the Howard County Watershed Stewardship Academy awarded a prestigious Cornerstone Award!

What WSA Does

The Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy increases the number and diversity of trained volunteers who become Master Watershed Stewards. These Stewards have the knowledge and skill required to enhance the health of our local streams, rivers, and lakes. Master Watershed Stewards also work with their community to provide the best storm water management practices.

The Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy is a training program to empower residents to improve the water quality of local streams. Stewards become community leaders in reducing harmful effects of polluted storm water running off into our streams.

The Academy provides Stewards knowledge and expertise from lecturers, training in using watershed assessment tools for analyzing storm water runoff and hands-on experience installing a solution to a storm water management problem. Experienced storm water management practitioners provide Stewards with on-going support for community projects.

We provide property owners with assessments that help them correct erosion problems and storm water damage. We also work with Homeowners Associations, Condominium Associations, Schools, Scouts, Businesses and Non Profit Organizations to inform and help them prevent pollution.

Terry R. Matthews

Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy
Web Site:  https://howardwsa.org