Harford County Health and Wellness

University of Maryland Extension offers community outreach programs that help youth, individuals, and families make informed decisions about their health, housing and overall well-being. 

Jennifer Dixon Cravens is the Family & Consumer Sciences and Nutrition Educator at the University of Maryland Extension in Harford County.  Her primary areas of expertise and teaching are nutrition, health, wellness, chronic disease management, food safety & preservation.

Program Areas

Food Safety

healthy spices

Classes Available:

- Capture The Flavor With Herbs and Spices

-  Food Preservation

     - Canning

     - Dehydration

Healthy Living: Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Classes Available:

- Dining With Diabetes

- DASH Plus - Heart Health

- Fresh Conversations


Health Literacy

green cleaning products

Classes Available:

- Healthy Living Environments

     - Green Cleaning

     - Healthy Homes

- Health Communication

     - How To Talk To Your Doctor


Community Nutrition, Health and Wellness

healthy veggie fruit bowl

Available Classes:

- Nutrition 101

- Healthy Eating for the Holidays

- Healthy Eating Programs and Diets

     - Mediterranean Diet

     - MIND Diet

     - DASH Diet

     - Power Plate Diet

- Wellness 101

- Nutrition & Emotional Wellness

- Workplace Wellness/Work Life Balance