4-H Info & Resources

Caroline County 4-H offers life skill building opportunities for all youth ages 5—18 (as of January 1st of current year).

CLOVERS: Youth ages 5—7 are Clover members. They participate in special programs for their age which consist of 1 to 1 1/2 hours of age specific topics. 

All clover members earn recognition ribbons for participation, premium money is not awarded to Clovers. Clovers are not permitted to compete in the Maryland State 4-H Program.

CLUBS: 4-H members ages 8—18 (as of January 1st of current year) can participate in the club, county, regional, state and national 4-H Program. All eight year old and older members are encouraged to select and complete at least one project during the year. The project choice should be one the 4-H member really is interested in. Choices could include small engines, woodworking, nutrition, photography, small pets, beef, horses, entomology and much more!

4-H PROJECTS & OPPORTUNITIES: 4-H'ers are encouraged to keep records of their project throughout the year. Members set goals and learn new skills through the project. 4-H offers opportunities for youth to learn public speaking skills. Each project record requires the member to give a visual demonstration or speech about something the member learned. This requirement can be completed in the club meeting or during the county public speaking contest held annually usually in February. All 4-H members are encouraged to exhibit something they have accomplished or learned from their project during the county fair held in August. Examples of exhibits : a poster of dog care needs; a drawing or painting; a series of photographs; or a project display of a sewing kit.

To join a 4-H Club, please feel free to contact leaders for club information.