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Special message: The COVID-19 virus is affecting the University of Maryland Extension operations. HGIC's Ask an Expert team will continue to strive to answer your questions within 48 hours, but there may be times during the pandemic when our responses will take longer. We ask for your patience and wish you a joyful spring season. Thanks!

Have a plant or pest question? University of Maryland Extension’s experts have answers!

  • Please enter as much detail as possible about your question in the form below. We strive to answer questions within 48 hours.
  • Photos (jpg, png, or gif files, maximum size of 5MB each and in focus) are very helpful!
  • Include an object (ruler/coin) to indicate scale, especially important for insect ID.
  • Tree and shrub photos should include close-ups as well as a photo of the entire plant.
  • Weeds or other plants to be identified should show the entire plant, preferably with flowers or seed heads.
  • If seeking a plant disease diagnosis, photos should show transition from healthy to affected plant material.

Questions from Maryland and the District of Columbia are answered by Home and Garden Information Center’s Certified Professional Horticulturists. If you are located outside of these areas, you will be asked to enter your state and county. Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate extension expert.


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