Image of cover crops growing in stubble at the Wye.

Image of cover crops growing in stubble at the Wye by Edwin Remsberg.

Updated: March 16, 2023
By Paul Goeringer

Rural areas in Maryland continue to see pressure from residents relocating to rural areas from the state's urban areas. Many of these new residents may need help understanding the agriculture or agricultural practices they will now see. As a result of these pressures, many agricultural operators often have questions related to right-to-farm laws, recreational use, trespass, and liability due to livestock concerns.  At the same time, many of these new rural landowners often have questions related to legal concerns related to right-to-farm laws from the operations neighboring them.

This course will seek to educate new rural landowners and existing agricultural operators and provide resources for future educational efforts by Extension Educators aimed at new landowners. Specifically, we will focus on recreational use, Right-to-Farm laws, fence law, estate planning, landowner liability, agricultural leasing, hunting leases, and legal issues associated with wildlife, livestock, and property insurance.

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This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2021‐70027‐34693, and is funded by the NE Risk Management Education Center.

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