Updated: August 1, 2022
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Native ecosystems in our woodlands are under increasing pressure from invasive plant species and from both native and invasive vines. These providers can help you meet these challenges.

Invasive Plant and Vine Control Providers

Please note that the mention of, the visual representation, or the referred reference to a service or organization in this directory does not imply endorsement by the author or any of the partners. The exclusion does not imply a negative evaluation. Descriptions are provided by the supplier, and not verified or monitored by the University of Maryland Extension.

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A&A Tree Experts, Inc. - Baltimore County

Backyard Bounty - Frederick County

Conservation Services, Inc. - Waynesboro City (Virginia)

Dyson Forestry - St. Mary's County

Frederick Landscaping, Inc. - Carroll County

Howard EcoWorks, Inc. - Howard County

PDK Horticultural Phragmites & Invasive Plant ControlQueen Anne's County

Pinehurst Landscape Co. - Baltimore County

Poplar Hill Horticultural Services - Montgomery County

Potts Consulting - Montgomery County

Sav A Tree - Montgomery County

Sustainable Solutions LLC - Jefferson County (West Virginia)