Timely Viticulture Timeline: Dormant
Updated: April 30, 2021
By Dr. Joseph Fiola

Grow Tubes

There is a lot of new vines going in and many people are asking questions about grow tubes. The following is a short list of considerations for using (or not using) grow tubes with your new planting.


  • Reducing animal damage
  • Supplying moisture through condensation of humidity
  • Physical protection from herbicide sprays
  • Increased growth rate
  • Replaces stake
  • Physical protection     


  • Cost
  • The initial cost of tube 
  • Labor for installation 
  • Labor for removal 
  • Growth rate - Trunk “twist” and quality of permanent trunk wood 
  • Promotes single trunk – most want at least two
  • Winter damage – if not removed properly 
  • High humidity and protection promotes diseases and insects

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