There is something convenient about grocery shopping from your own home (or really from anywhere) using your phone or computer. It gives you the flexibility to shop online and pick up in store, or deliver the groceries right to your door. Plus, you can shop online at any time!  Add items to your cart whenever you have time, which means you do not need to do it all at once.

When you shop online you:

  1. Avoid impulse shopping: you can resist impulse purchases. Food is less tempting on a screen than in person. Shopping online helps you reduce unwanted spending and calories.
  2. Save time:  you do not need to walk through the grocery store aisles, especially when looking for something. It is much easier to use the search feature on your grocery store’s app or website. You can save a list for future use on your grocery store’s app or website.
  3. Compare products easily:  you can compare different brands’ prices and ingredients, making it easier for you to choose what suits you best.
  4. Track spending: you can easily track your spending and remove items from your cart. You can see your total cart cost at any time.
  5. Shop in bulk: you can save yourself from carrying heavier bulk items when shopping online. Buying in bulk is usually a better value when you compare prices. Just make sure that your family will be able to consume it all before it goes bad.
  6. Plan meals: you can plan your meals while you shop, or adjust your meal plan to what’s on sale. Click here  to find a recipe by ingredients.

Be sure to check current coupons and discounts before checking out, or use them to help plan your shopping list. 

When it is time to pay for your groceries do not forget to use your SNAP or WIC benefits to stretch your food dollars. To learn more about shopping with your benefits click here. To learn more about SNAP and WIC and apply visit:

·         Food and Cash Supplement Program: 1-800-332-6347 or 

·          WIC: 1-800-242-4942 or


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