Resources to help you better manage your woodlands

The Woodland Stewardship Education program offers a wide variety of woodland management resources. Please use the slide show's arrows to select from these categories:

  • "The Woods in Your Backyard"

  • Managing your Woodlands

  • Find a Forester & Marketing Forest Products

  • Trees and Invasive Plants & Insects

"The Woods in Your Backyard"

The land care practices in "The Woods in Your Backyard" have helped hundreds of property owners and land managers throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Our new publications, "Woodland Health Practices Handbook" and "Woodland Health Assessment Checklist," help green industry professionals apply these practices to their business services.

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Managing your Woodlands

Publications to help you better manage your woodlands, including:

 - Developing a forest stewardship plan

 - Measuring your forest

 - Helping your woodland adapt to a changing climate

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Finding a Forester & Marketing Forest Products

Considering a timber harvest? These publications will assist you to ensure that your plan is the best for both you and your woodlands.

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Find a Forestry Professional

Stewardship Planning

Trees and Invasive Plants & Insects

Our woodlands are under constant pressure from a variety of non-native insects, such as emerald ash borer, and plants, such as tree-of-heaven. These publications can help you learn how to improve the health of your natural areas.

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