Farm Stress Training/Course Offerings

The University of Maryland Extension Farm Stress Management Team provides numerous educational opportunities throughout the state and online. As part of a national initiative, UME along with partner organizations deliver professional agricultural behavioral health counseling and referral for other forms of assistance as necessary through farm telephone helplines and websites; training programs and workshops; support groups; and outreach services and activities.

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Managing Stress on the Farm
Whether you are a farmer, family member, or service provider, you are engaging with farmers who are under stress. This session will teach you the signs of stress, how to communicate with someone under stress, and the resources available in your community. 5-15 minute introduction, 30 - 45 minute overview, 1-2 hour training, and 5-hour certificate training, including financial and legal training.  Coming soon


Farm Financial Trainings
Financial concerns are a topic often identified as a stressor for farm businesses. This can be related to personal or business finances and include goal setting, input costs, marketing decisions, business planning, and recordkeeping. The training can be customized to fit the concerns raised.

Legal Trainings
Legal concerns are a topic often identified as a stressor for farm businesses. These concerns can be related to estate and succession planning, handling environmental issues, agricultural leasing issues, or neighbor relations.  The training can be customized to fit the concerns raised.

Farm Stress Training for Ag Service Providers
This session is targeted training for Agriculture Service Providers to equip them with the skills and knowledge to support farms and farm families in times of distress. This project will increase providers' ability to identify signs of distress, communicate with someone experiencing distress, and provide resources and tools to manage stress on the farm. 5 hour certificate training, *Funded by Northeast SARE

Culture and Resilience of Farmers
Familiarize yourself with the culture of farming to be able to better understand the relevant issues and better serve this population in your practice. Includes clinically relevant case study. 3 hours

Confronting Mental Health Stigma
Help yourself and others overcome the internal barriers to seeking professional assistance. Includes live practice. 1 hour

Learn a conversational technique for starting the conversation about mental health with your patients. Includes live practice. 2 hours

Mental Health First Aid
Learn a five-step action plan to support someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis. Includes live practice. (full day, includes certification)

These programs are offered in partnership with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program, and the United States Department of Agriculture.