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2024 Webinar Schedule

Offered the second Tuesday of each month. Topics cover all areas of risk management.

1/9/2024 Where Can I Find That? Resources for Farm and Value-Added Food Safety Identify the local and regional resources available to help you with your operation grow. Shauna Henley & Carol Allen
2/13/2024 Miscanthus as an Alternative Crop in the Mid-Atlantic Giant miscanthus (Miscanthus giganteus) is a sterile hybrid, high-yielding grass that was bred to be a biomass crop. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland it is being grown for use in local poultry houses as a bedding material. Haley Sater
3/12/2024 Farm Well Drinking Water Quality A summary of the Maryland farm well drinking water project results, and recommended well care and treatment practices will be presented. Andy Lazur
4/9/2024 Strategies to Extend the Grazing the Season This presentation will discuss a variety of strategies that can be used to extend the grazing season, including the use of legumes, annual forages, stockpiled forage, corn stalks, and cover crops. Amanda Grev
5/14/2024 Nuisance and Right to Farm Do you understand Right-to-Farm laws and how they protect operations against a nuisance suit?  This session will cover those issues. Paul Goeringer
6/11/2024 Land Use Considerations in the Mid-Atlantic with a Focus on Solar Development Empowering Producers in Land Use Decision-Making in the Mid-Atlantic as development pressures on farmland increase. A discussion covering renewable energy developments and resources for land owner decision-making.  Elizabeth Thilmany & Paul Goeringer
7/9/2024 Setting Up a Farm Chart of Accounts A chart of accounts is the base to all financial recordkeeping. The chart of accounts is an organized classification of transactions within the business. It makes managing the finances easier to manage, categorize, and understand. This webinar will provide an introduction to setting up a farm chart of accounts. Shannon Dill
9/10/2024 Interplanting for Pollinators Using a variety of native plants incorporated into the landscape can increase biodiversity and improve natural pest control. Learn more about what these insects need, and how we can encourage their populations. Mikaela Boley
10/8/2024 How to Interpret a Soil Test Report pH, organic matter, CEC, ppm, FIV, base saturation, oh my! This presentation will cover the basics of a soil test report and how to make management decisions based on your test results. Andrew Kness
11/12/2024 Advanced Cover Cropping We will present a cover crop planning protocol and tools for getting more agronomic and financial benefits from cover cropping. We will evaluate successful cover crop systems used in various farming enterprises and scales. Sarah Hirsh
The most recent webinars

Resources for Farm and Value-Added Food Safety
Video Length: 52:23   |  Date: January 9, 2024
Speakers. Shauna Henley & Carol Allen
Description: Where Can I Find That? Resources for Farm and Value-Added Food Safety Identify the local and regional resources available to help you with your operation grow. Watch Video

Getting More Results from Conservation Practices 
Video Length: 41:11  |  Date: November 8, 2023
Speaker: Sarah Hirsh, University of Maryland Extension
Description: This webinar will focus on how to better plan and incorporate conservation practices into the overall farm plan and system. We will discuss how conservation practices can result in greater agronomic, environmental, and economic benefits if we tailor them according to factors such as cash crop rotation, soil and land characteristics, and available resources. Watch video