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2023 Webinar Schedule

Offered the second Wednesday of each month. Topics cover all areas of risk management.

9/13/23 Agricultural Taxes Farm taxes and accounting procedures are essential to farm business operations. This webinar will provide an introduction to farm tax accounting and reporting. This includes the schedule F, recordkeeping and resources available to you. Shannon Dill, UMD Extension
10/11/23 Estate Planning Do I need a will? Will I need trust? What other things should I be considering? Estate planning can be a difficult topic for many to bring up. This webinar will cover some estate planning basics and provide you an opportunity to ask questions. Paul Goeringer, UMD Extension
11/8/23 Getting More Results from Conservation Practices This webinar will focus on how to better plan and incorporate conservation practices into the overall farm plan and system. We will discuss how conservation practices can result in greater agronomic, environmental, and economic benefits if we tailor them according to factors such as cash crop rotation, soil and land characteristics, and available resources. Sarah Hirsh, UMD Extension
12/13/23 TBA    
The most recent webinars

Smart Actions for Mental Health
Video Length: 39:25  |  Date: August 9, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Jesse Ketterman, UMD Extension
Description: Smart Actions for Mental Health will discuss the range of options for mental health care services. The session includes why it is important to seek treatment for mental health care challenges and how you can use health insurance to pay for mental health care. Watch video

Alternative Fertility Sources for Forage System
Video Length: 55:11   |  Date: July 12, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Amanda Grev, UMD Extension
Description: Ensuring proper soil fertility provides the foundation for a successful forage system. Commercial fertilizers are one option for providing nutrients but there are also other means for providing fertility to pastures and hayfields. This presentation will discuss the use of alternative fertility sources, including manure, legumes, annuals, stored forages, and soil biological activity, along with some fertility considerations for grazed versus harvested forages and strategies for ensuring more uniform nutrient distribution. Watch Video