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2022 Webinar Schedule

5/25/2022 Clean ‘Green’ Traditional cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals, and your home environment. Learn how to make ‘green’ cleaning products by using safe ingredients in your home and save money too. Recipes are included in this presentation. Beverly Ann Jackey and Shauna Henley
6/8/2022 Aerial Cover Crop Seeding via Drones Drones are becoming increasingly popular in agriculture for not only imagery, but for cover crop seeding and pesticide application. Farmers have taken interest in the technology and service for several reasons. During this webinar, participants will hear about the benefits of using drones to seed cover-crop in standing corn and apply in-season foliar products to soybeans and corn. Erika Crowl and Andy Kness
6/22/2022 TBA    
7/13/2022 When Self-Help Isn't Enough This presentation is designed to reduce avoidable delays in receiving appropriate mental health care. In this session that is tailored for members of the agricultural community, participants will learn to identify and address the internal roadblocks one may experience when making the decision to seek professional assistance with mental health issues. Alexander Chan
7/27/2022 How to Conduct Market Research Participants will learn how to conduct market research for their farm business. The session will include examples and case studies, with a focus on urban and peri-urban farm enterprises and products. Neith Little
8/10/2022 Herbicide-resistant weeds are a persistent problem for crop production This session will provide an understanding of how resistance develops within a weed population and the mechanisms of how herbicides work in order to adapt a weed management program. Kurt Vollmer
8/24/2022 Farm Stress Management and Resiliency Farm and farm families experience a variety of stressors that lead to disruptions on the farm. Building resilience is necessary to reduce the impact of stressors and strengthen the farm and farm families. This session will share strategies that promote resilience and identify signs of stress on the farm Jesse Ketterman and Maria Pippidis
9/14/2022 Decision Making Resources and Tools for Cover Cropping and Other Best Management Practices With so many choices, planning conservation practices can be overwhelming. For example, when planning a cover crop we must consider species, planting and termination dates and methods, seeding rates, etc. Luckily, there are many resources that can help! This webinar will give an overview of conservation practice decision-making resources and tools that can help growers get the most bang for their buck. Sarah Hirsh
9/28/2022 Webinar TBA    
10/12/2022 Agriculture Leases How much notice does the landlord have to give to terminate a lease? What happens if the property sells in the middle of my lease? Can I harvest crops after the lease terminates? There are a lot of common questions associated with leasing farmland that many of you ask and this webinar will cover those questions plus highlight resources available to producers. Paul Goeringer
10/26/2022 Beginning Farmer- Legal Risk Management and Understanding Lease Agreements A legal specialist from the University of Maryland Agriculture Law Education Initiative will discuss common legal terms used in farmland leases and other land use considerations. Megan Todd and Sarah Everhart
11/9/2022 Webinar TBA    
11/23/2022 No webinar, Thanksgiving week    
12/14/2022 Beginning Farmer- Legal Risk Management and Understanding Property Purchase Agreements A legal specialist from the University of Maryland Agriculture Law Education Initiative will discuss common legal terms used in farmland purchase agreements. Megan Todd and Sarah Everhart
12/28/2022- No webinar, Christmas week    
The most recent webinars

Considerations for Selecting and Purchasing Hay
Video Length: 51:24   |  Date: May 11, 2022
Speaker: Amanda Grev, Ph.D
Description: Many livestock owners rely on purchased hay to feed their animals during certain times of the year. When it comes to hay selection and purchase decisions, there are several important factors to consider, including bale type/size, affordability, and hay quality and quantity. This webinar will discuss what to look for, how to determine if hay is appropriate, and how to determine how much hay is needed.

Caring for Your Drinking Water Well and Quality
Video Length: 35:07 |  Date: April 27, 2022
Speaker: Andy Lazur
Description: You are what you drink, so knowing about your drinking water is important for your health. This webinar will help get you familiar with your drinking well, how to protect it, and also what to look for in water quality. Included will be the common contaminants to test for, how to test, what the results mean, and whether treatment is recommended. Treatment systems will also be discussed.