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2023 Webinar Schedule

Offered the second Wednesday of each month. Topics cover all areas of risk management.

4/12/2023 Tools and Tips for Creating Maps of Farm Fields Having accurate farm maps can be a very helpful tool for crop planning, planter and sprayer calibration, and long-term recordkeeping. This webinar will introduce different tools and resources available for creating maps of your own fields, including a tutorial on how to use the free mapping software, QGIS. To follow along during the tutorial, download QGIS on your own computer ahead of time by visiting Dr. Alan Leslie, UMD Extension
5/10/23 Farm Well and Septic Care We typically don't give our drinking water well or septic system much thought if they are working. But to keep both these valuable home systems operating, some care is needed. This maintenance is an important task to ensure good quality and safe drinking water, and to keep our septic system operating effectively, thereby saving money and reducing risk to water quality. This webinar will discuss some basic tips homeowners can do to protect and prolong the life of their systems. Dr. Andy Lazur, UMD Extension
6/14/23 Creating a Farm Lease Agreement The panel will include a discussion about the challenges of implementing conservation on leased farmland. The webinar will include a demonstration of new resources to support farmers and farm landowners to form simple farm leases to protect business interests, encourage environmental stewardship, and support on-farm conservation practices. Sarah Everhart, UMD Agriculture Law Education Initiative
7/12/23 Alternative Fertility Sources for Forage Systems Ensuring proper soil fertility provides the foundation for a successful forage system. Commercial fertilizers are one option for providing nutrients but there are also other means for providing fertility to pastures and hayfields. This presentation will discuss the use of alternative fertility sources, including manure, legumes, annuals, stored forages, and soil biological activity, along with some fertility considerations for grazed versus harvested forages and strategies for ensuring more uniform nutrient distribution. Dr. Amanda Grev, UMD Extension
8/9/23 Smart Actions for Mental Health Smart Actions for Mental Health will discuss the range of options for mental health care services. The session includes why it is important to seek treatment for mental health care challenges and how you can use health insurance to pay for mental health care. Dr. Jesse Ketterman, UMD Extension
9/13/23 Agricultural Taxes Farm taxes and accounting procedures are essential to farm business operations. This webinar will provide an introduction to farm tax accounting and reporting. This includes the schedule F, recordkeeping and resources available to you. Shannon Dill, UMD Extension
10/11/23 Estate Planning Do I need a will? Will I need trust? What other things should I be considering? Estate planning can be a difficult topic for many to bring up. This webinar will cover some estate planning basics and provide you an opportunity to ask questions. Paul Goeringer, UMD Extension
11/8/23 Getting More Results from Conservation Practices This webinar will focus on how to better plan and incorporate conservation practices into the overall farm plan and system. We will discuss how conservation practices can result in greater agronomic, environmental, and economic benefits if we tailor them according to factors such as cash crop rotation, soil and land characteristics, and available resources. Sarah Hirsh, UMD Extension
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The most recent webinars

Smartphone Studio
Video Length: 1:08:40   |  Date: March 8, 2023
Speaker: Michele Walfred, UDEL Extension
Description: Learn how to create professional videos with your smartphone to promote your agri-business or to "advocate" agriculture through videos using your smartphone. This session will show you what equipment to purchase, how to use it, and share positive messages about agriculture using your smartphone and other inexpensive accessories. This webinar will get you started with a budget of $200 to $500. We will review microphones, tripods, apps and techniques -- all that you need to achieve a professional look and sound to share your messaging with the public.  Watch Video

Precision Agriculture Hardware and Equipment
Video Length: 45:19  |  Date: February 8, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Jarrod Miller, UDEL Extension
Description: While precision agriculture is always evolving with new ideas and equipment, there have become some standards within field crop production. We will overview precision ag equipment, including GPS, remote sensing, and more recent advances to help keep up with the terminology and apply some value to the practices. Watch video