Agriculture and natural resources are crucial to Maryland’s economy, environment and way of life of its residents. From the food we eat, to the flowers and plants in our homes, the landscaping of our yards, valuable real estate, beautiful coastal waters and fine recreation opportunities to take in Worcester County's beautiful scenery.

Stretching from Delaware to Virginia, Worcester County is the eastern most and only Atlantic coastal county in Maryland.  The diverse ecology, fertile soils, abundant timber, along with easy access to water has supported many sectors of agriculture since colonial times.  The county covers approximately 303,920 land acres.  Seventy one percent (71.8%) of the land in Worcester County is currently zoned for agriculture. Approximately 374 farm businesses encompass 99,304 acres of farmland with the average farm size of 266 acres. 

Historically, tobacco was the mainstay production for agriculture in the county.  Over time, soils in the county proved to be more productive for grain crops and livestock grazing.  During the early parts of the 1900’s, beef cattle and hogs were the primary livestock raised.  Today, Worcester County ranks as #2 county in the state for broiler production while grain crops (corn, soybeans and wheat) continue to be a mainstay.  Every year in the month of August, the harvest season beginnings with our Annual Blessing of the Combines event held in Snow Hill, MD.

If you have questions about agriculture on the Lower Eastern Shore, contact our local agriculture staff:

Agriculture Agent Associate: Maegan Perdue, 410-632-1972

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