Joining 4-H

How do I Become a Certified 4-H Volunteer

UME 4-H Volunteer Process

To become a Certified UME 4-H Volunteer, contact Amy Simmons, 4-H Administrative Assistant. All volunteers must be on-boarded through our local 4-H Program. The onboarding/ certification process includes:

• an application

• reference and background check

• new volunteer orientation (online and in-person options available)

• interview with local 4-H Educator 

• appointment paperwork (appointment agreement, position description, and code of conduct)

* Additional training may be required depending on the volunteer role.

How Do I Enroll my Child in 4-H

Maryland 4-H uses an online member management system called 4-H Online. These guides have been prepared to assist families in creating member profiles and enrolling in 4-H using the 4-H Online system.

Contact Amy Simmons at 301-791-1304 for questions regarding the 4-H Online enrollment process.

To enroll or re-enroll go to:

4-H Online