Jenna Talbot is the Nutrient Management Advisor for clients in Cecil and Kent Counties.  Jenna hails from Delaware, and was formerly a flock supervisor for Perdue.  She has her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Animal Science from Delaware State University.

Who Needs a Nutrient Management Plan?

Maryland farmers who:

  • have 8 or more animal units (1 animal unit = 1,000 lbs.)
  • gross $2,500 from the operation off the land

What services are provided by UME?

  • Fall Soil Nitrate Testing
  • Manure Calibration
  • Nutrient Management Plan Writing
  • Presidedress Nitrate Testing
  • Soil and Manure Sample Containers
  • Soil Probes and Testing Instructions
  • Yield Checks

Kent County Nutrient Management Resources

Soil Testing

Soil tests for nutrient management plans are valid for three years from the date of testing. Soil sampling materials including kits, bags and soil probes are available at the extension office. Remember that it is very important to get a good representative sample in order to get good results. Instructions for collecting soil samples can be found here.  


Manure Testing

Yearly analysis of organic nutrient sources such as manure or compost is required. This is due to rapidly changing feeding practices of poultry and livestock and changes in nutrient composition due to the environment.  Click here to learn how to take a manure sample for testing, and for information on labs that test manure.

Testing Labs

Click here for a list of labs available to do testing.