Nutrient Management

The University of Maryland’s Agricultural Nutrient Management Program, which is funded by the MD Department of Agriculture, provides nutrient management plan development for Maryland farmers through nutrient management advisors located in all 23 county Extension offices.  

Jose Prieto, Nutrient Management Advisor, can provide:

  • Nutrient Management Plan development for farmers.

  • Soil analysis for the Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test (PSNT) and Fall Soil Nitrate Tests (FSNT)

  • Instruction and assistance with manure spreader calibrations and yield goal checks

In 1998, the Water Quality Improvement Act (WQIA) was enacted and many changes were brought about which affected Maryland’s agricultural community. Most notable among the changes is the requirement for farmers to obtain and implement a nutrient management plan if they meet either of the following criteria for their agricultural operation:

  1. Eight or more animal units (8,000 pounds of live animal weight) or
  2. $2,500 gross annual income from the agricultural operation
  • Soil Sampling Procedures for Nutrient Management

  • MDA Nutrient Management Program

  • Agricultural Nutrient Management Program