What is Baltimore County 4-H?

Baltimore County 4-H is a youth educational program of the University of Maryland Extension. Support for the 4-H program is a joint effort of county government, the University of Maryland and the United States Department of Agriculture. 4-H youth development provides opportunities to engage in life skills through community-focused, research-based, experiential educational programs. 

  • Baltimore County 4-H provides an inclusive and supportive setting for youth ages 5-18 years old to reach their fullest potential
  • Youth learn beneficial valuable life skills through hands on research-based
  • Participation is open to all youth ages 5-18 who reside in Baltimore County with Clovers (ages 5-7), Juniors   (ages 8-10), Intermediates (ages 11-13) and Seniors (ages 14-18)
  • 4-H youth develop relationships that inspire people to help themselves and others as they interact with caring adults and peers.

Youth can participate in over 100 different program areas. These areas are aligned with the Mission Mandates of National 4-H Council and include:

  • Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Healthy Living
  • Leadership and Citizenship
  • Volunteer Development



For more information about the Baltimore County 4-H Program click here.


SUMMER OF STEM-Workforce Readiness

The "Summer of STEM" is a new offering for you in grades 10-12.  Twelve youth will be selected to participate in a two-week college/career readiness internship program.

Purpose: To increase awareness about career training, college and workforce readiness in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas.

Goal: To increase the amount of students who will consider STEM related college majors. Low enrollment of college students in science majors is a major factor in the current shortage of scientists.

How will it work?

  • This year Baltimore County 4-H has collaborated with Baltimore County Summer Youth Employment Program (BCSYEP) to offer a six week paid internship experience. *The experience may be virtual or in person depending on the MD 4-H COVID -19 restrictions.
  • Youth will apply and interview for selection as a Summer of STEM and BCSYEP participant. Note: There are two applications- the Baltimore County 4-H application and the BCSYEP application.
  • Upon acceptance to the program, youth will be paired with a STEM professional in the community.
  • During the six week period, youth will be assigned a STEM professional based on their interest area and will learn job skills Monday -Thursday.
  • On Fridays, youth will "meet" with Baltimore County 4-H to participate in lessons aimed at career exploration, college preparation and workforce readiness training.

For more information contact Vernelle Mitchell-Hawkins vmh@umd.edu


According to Forbes magazine, Leadership is "a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal." In 4-H youth have several opportunities to learn how to be come persons of influence in the community. Leadership is learned through the completion of 4-H projects, public speaking events, club officers, teen leadership, camping programs and exhibit events to name a few.

Check out Maryland 4-H Leadership Opportunities 

Horsemanship 101

This course focuses on the hands-on experience that will educate, train and prepare youth for college/career options in the equine industry. The goal is to teach youth the basic skills needed to become a qualified groom for the equine industry.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course students will:

  1. Have the skills necessary to properly care for a horse.
  2. Be able to identify herd health issues and will be able to manage these issues if they were to occur with horses in their care.
  3. Be able to identify equipment and discuss the functions of the equipment used in a training or show barn.


  1. Must attend and complete all 3 sessions.
  2. Groom and care for an assigned horse at the end of each session. 
  3. Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate and safe for barn work; no open-toed shoes or loose (baggy) clothing.



Campers will explore the scientific method and engineering design through hands-on activities and experiments in several areas.  Campers age 8-12 years old will learn about the environment, technology and enjoy many crafts and games. areas of study will include robotics (building and programming) and much more. 

There will be opportunities for team building, sportsmanship, friendships, technical skill building and just plain fun.

The Baltimore County STEM Camp is run by trained volunteer staff.


Summer Day Camp

Campers age 5-13 years old will learn about the environment, technology and enjoy many crafts and games.  The Baltimore County 4-H Day Camp is run by trained volunteer staff and is accredited by the ACA (American camp Association).

             Clover camp is open to all youth ages 5-7. In clover camp campers will enjoy arts and crafts projects, nature hikes, and games wile building new friendships and skills.

             Junior/Intermediate Camp is for ages 8-11. Campers in the day camp program will enjoy nature studies, science, engineering, and technology projects, arts and crafts, and games while building new friendships. Past projects included rocketry, photography, team building and many more.

             Technology and Leadership Camp is for ages 12-13. Campers in this program will learn about environmental stewardship, leadership and technology. Past projects included photography/filmmaking, team building and many others.



Who Can Be a 4-H Volunteer?

A 4-H Volunteer can be any adult or teen who works with a group of 4-H members. The volunteers must be screened and trained. Adult and teen volunteers support the program long term and some support for short term or Episodic time periods (60 days or less).

Adults that want to become a volunteer begin by creating a profile on 4-H Online (https://v2.4online.com). This begins the process that includes an application, screening process, orientation, background check and interview. Youth volunteers need to contact the 4-H educator. There may be a separate application and screening process for youth. 

Volunteers Are Not Alone

You receive help and support from the Extension 4-H Office. Volunteers who have experience working in the 4-H program will help by giving you guidance as you begin to take on your role. The 4-H Office will provide opportunities for training and workshops to increase your knowledge and specific interests in 4-H. There are also training modules and orientation materials offered by Maryland 4-H.  For more information https://extension.umd.edu/programs/4-h-youth-development/volunteers