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The Family & Consumer Science program "strengthens families, farms, communities and the economy by focusing on the human dimensions of food and agriculture.  Family and Consumer Sciences includes all topics of considerable importance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s society."

The Baltimore County Family & Consumer Sciences department specializes in providing the community with research-based information that is practical for everyday healthful living. Dr. Shauna Henley offers programs, educational seminars, technical assistance and is available to answer questions. Contact her at 410-887-8090 or through email at shenley@umd.edu

Shauna Henley, PhD received her PhD in biology, with a focus on consumer food safety issues.  She is also ServSafe Certified.  

Online Course - Maryland Cottage Food Producers


In this course, you will learn important information regarding starting or expanding a value-added food business in Maryland. Course topics include Product Development, Food Safety & Licensing, as well as Financing.


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