Our team of Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturists, Extension faculty, and Master Gardeners answer yard and garden questions from Maryland residents only. If you live in another state, please use this form to select your location, or contact your local university cooperative extension.

We strive to answer questions within 48 hours, Monday-Friday. For the fastest answers, search our website first. Read our tips for submitting good photos

  • Insect ID: photos need to be close, in focus, in good lighting, and include a ruler or coin to show size.

  • Plant ID: show the entire plant, preferably with close-ups of flowers or seed heads.

  • For plant disease diagnosis: show the transition from healthy to affected plant material. Include information on the age and location of the plant(s) and soil and site conditions.

  • Attach image files in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, a maximum of 8MB.