Consultant delivering plan to farmer
Updated: September 10, 2021
By Emileigh Lucas

I need to find continuing education credit opportunities

I need plan development guidance

  • Check the resources in our online Plan Writing Handbook
  • If you need assistance for a particular nutrient management plan issue or even a general question, the ANMP specialists are here to help!

I need software downloads and/or assistance

I want to expand my knowledge about plant nutrients and soils

I need instructions for P-FIV reporting to MDA

Maryland’s PMT regulations require new soils data to be submitted to the department once every six years by
certified consultants and farmers who prepare their own nutrient management plans. The reports are due
again this year - by September 30, 2021. Click here for Phosphorus Fertility Index Value (P-FIV) Reporting Instructions.

Click here for the executable file that you need for the section titled "Compiling Soils Data from exported NuMan Pro text files into a single text file."