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NuMan Pro 5.3


Nutrient Management for Maryland - Professional Edition version 5.3

NuMan Pro 5.3 was released in March 2024.  Users are advised to use NuMan Pro 5.3 in lieu of earlier versions.  See information below for upgrading to NuMan Pro 5.3.

How to Get the Program 

  • Upgrading your version of NuMan Pro:
  • Purchasing a copy of NuMan Pro 5.3:
    • Certified Nutrient Management Consultants can purchase a copy of NuMan Pro 5.3, please refer to the ordering website (please note you will need to send an email to address listed at this website to request the software).
    • Certified Farmer Operators can purchase a copy of NuMan Pro 5.3 from the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program. Contact Kayla Griffith for an order form at

Tech Support 

Help with software is just a phone call away. If you are working with this program and have problems or questions, please call any of our nutrient management specialists and they will be happy to assist you.


Help Guides

The following Help Guides provide detailed information on how to use the NuMan Pro 5.3 software

The Basics - 

Tips and Tricks - 


Training Videos

 Introduction to

NuMan Pro Software

NuMan Pro Software splash screen

Streamlining data entry

in NuMan Pro

NuMan Pro Software splash screen

Adding Organics

in NuMan Pro

NuMan Pro Software splash screen

NuMan Pro

History Tab

NuMan Pro Software splash screen

PMT and Rotation

Schedule in NuMan Pro

NuMan Pro Software splash screen

PMT Stand-alone Program

Using the Stand-Alone Phosphorus Management Tool (PMT) Software Orientation Video




QGIS is an Open Source Geographical Information System program – it comes with the right to download, run, copy, alter, and redistribute the software for free. It is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data. Nutrient Management Advisors can use QGIS for finding necessary information to import into RUSLE2 and to generate maps that are required in Nutrient Management Plans.

Download the most recent stable version (3.16) here.



QGIS Training Videos

 The training videos below are for use with QGIS 3.16, though they should be relevant for most recent versions.

ANMP logo and text stating QGIS video 1
ANMP logo and text stating QGIS video 2
ANMP logo and text stating QGIS video 3

Downloadable QGIS Files


Choose the Maryland county you would like to download below.

The files have been compressed to speed up the download times, but please note that these files are still very large and that the time to download them will depend on your internet connection and speed. For further instructions on downloading and unzipping the files, please refer back to the QGIS Help Guides.


Allegany Calvert Charles Harford Prince George's Talbot
Anne Arundel Caroline Dorchester Howard Queen Anne's Washington
Baltimore Carroll Frederick Kent St. Mary's Wicomico
Baltimore City Cecil Garrett Montgomery Somerset Worcester


Note: All counties were last updated March 2021 unless otherwise noted.



The official NRCS version of RUSLE2 for use in guiding conservation planning, inventorying erosion rates and estimating sediment delivery. This is a free download that can be used to estimate soil loss from a field. Soil loss must be determined as part of the PMT equation. RUSLE2 is one option that you can use to determine soil loss.

Access the RUSLE2 software, Database components, a RUSLE2 tutorial, data collection sheets and more. 

Other Materials:

User's Manual: