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In addition to providing general information on nutrient management planning, the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program has additional information available for the following topics:


The Agricultural Nutrient Management Program offers free publications which cover a wide variety of topics related to nutrient management and soil fertility. All publications are in PDF format, can be downloaded for free, and are grouped in relevant categories: Click here to access

Study Materials for the MD Nutrient Management Certification Exam

Organic Nutrient Value Calculator (ONVC)

Organic Nutrient Value Calculator - ONVC (Excel Spreadsheet)

ONVC Instructions (PDF)

To help quantify the value of manure, the University of Maryland Agricultural Nutrient Management Program has developed the ONVC. This calculator is designed to utilize current fertilizer prices to determine the value of the nutrients in a manure or other organic source. You'll have to do a little leg work by calling your local fertilizer dealer to determine current pricing.

The ONVC assigns value only to those nutrients required by the crop. For example, if the phosphorus (P) levels in the manure exceed crop requirements at a given application rate, the calculator will only assign value to the pounds of P required by the crop. Any P applied in excess will not be assigned a value. The theory here is that you would not purchase fertilizer nutrients in excess of your crop's needs; therefore, we should not assign a value to excess nutrients supplied by manure or other organic materials.

You will be asked to enter the organic analysis of your nutrient source, the crop requirements, and the recommended application rate of the nutrient source. The calculator will assign a value to the nitrogen, phosphate and potash supplied by the nutrient source. The ONVC also splits out organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen so that you can evaluate how much money you will save by incorporating the nutrient source vs. leaving it on the soil surface.

Web Soil Survey (WSS)

Crop yield predictions for all 23 counties in Maryland have now been incorporated in to the USDA's online Web Soil Survey. Please visit Web Soil Survey for more information and to look up soils and crop data for your county.

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Educational Videos

Cover crop Anthem

Following the popular “Soil Health Lessons in a Minute” video demonstrations, NRCS and film maker Robin “Buz” Kloot, PhD, have once again teamed up to develop a series of short videos—this time focusing on the science of soil health

Film Premiere: "Let's Talk about Soil" - This animated film tells the reality of soil resources around the world, covering the issues of degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and overexploitation; the film offers options to make the way we manage our soils more sustainable.

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Explore several videos on soil's affect on human health, food security, and water quality.