natural yellowing of older bottom leaves of kale

Natural yellowing and dieback of oldest kale leaves

Updated: February 20, 2023

Yellowing leaves is a very generic plant symptom. There can be many causes including diseases, environmental, insect, or nutrient deficiencies. The following are common causes of leaf yellowing on vegetable plants:

Environmental/cultural or caused by nonliving factors

 Drought or Waterlogged Soil

Fertilizer/Pesticide Burn

Nutrient Deficiency


Normal Aging of Older Leaves - older, lowers leaves of plants can turn yellow as they age. It is called leaf senescence. The rest of the plant will look healthy and be productive. 


Fungal and Bacterial Diseases

Wilt Diseases

 Fusarium Wilt  

Bacterial Wilt


Harlequin Bug

Spider Mite

Squash Bug