Teaching Effectiveness Overview
Length: 18:49  |  Date: January 24, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Jeff Howard

Teaching Effectiveness Survey

Teaching Effectiveness results are available in real-time as clientele/peers/administrators complete the online survey. To view your results, go to ume.az1.qualtrics.com and log in using CAS (Directory ID and Password). When you log in to Qualtrics for the first time, you are automatically self-enrolled. If you do not see the Teaching Effectiveness Dashboard in your list of projects, please contact Dee Dee Allen dallen3@umd.edu for assistance. 

General Teaching Effectiveness

The General Teaching Effectiveness form is to be used when teaching a class to the general public, ages 14 and up. All efforts should be made to collect the data using the survey link. Paper documents can be used for audiences with no access to technology. The educator may enter the information directly to Qualtrics via the appropriate survey link.

Teaching effectiveness ratings are a required element of Annual Faculty Reviews (AFR) as well as the promotion and tenure process.  UME Administration suggests targeting the collection of a minimum of 40 to 60 forms per year from 3 to 5 separate teaching events.  The results of the forms should be drawn on to improve your teaching approach in addition to meeting university-required collection processes.  

  Paper-based form Online (URL) Resources
4-H Teaching Effectiveness 4-H form (pdf) go.umd.edu/4HTEACH 4-H QR Code Image (png)
4-H Postcard w/QR code & instructions (docx)
AgFS Teaching Effectiveness AgFS form (pdf) go.umd.edu/AgFSTEACH AgFS QR Code Image (png)
AGFS Postcard w/QR code & instructions (docx)
ENR Teaching Effectiveness ENR form (pdf) go.umd.edu/ENRTEACH ENR QR Code Image (png)
ENR Postcard w/QR code & instructions (docx)
FCS Teaching Effectiveness FCS form (pdf) go.umd.edu/FCSTEACH FCS QR Code Image (png)
FCS Postcard w/QR code & instructions (docx)
SNAP-ED Teaching Effectiveness SNAP-ED form (pdf) go.umd.edu/SNAP-ED-TEACH SNAP-ED OR Code Image (png)
SNAP-ED Postcard w/QR code & instructions (docx)


Three (3) administrative/peer evaluations are needed each year by three different reviewers for at least two (2) different classes.

The 2-sided form or online survey can be completed by administrators, colleagues, or equivalent peers in other agencies. Please be sure to print both sides when providing this form in hard copy to a reviewer. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to enter the data in Qualtrics.

UME PEER Download fillable (pdf)
SNAP-ED PEER Download fillable (pdf)
SNAP-ED PEER https://go.umd.edu/SNAP-ED-PEER
 4-H PEER https://go.umd.edu/4H-PEER
FCS PEER https://go.umd.edu/FCS-PEER
ENR PEER https://go.umd.edu/ENR-PEER
AgFS PEER https://go.umd.edu/AgFS-PEER

Do you need for your name to be listed in more than one discipline? For example, you may teach both agriculture and 4-H classes. Or, you may teach agriculture and environmental and natural resources classes. If so, email dallen3@umd.edu and indicate the program areas to be included.