Integrated Pest Management

May 15, 2020

Pre-Bloom To Post-Bloom Disease Management

The growth period from 2 weeks pre-bloom until 3 to 4 weeks post-bloom is the most critical for protecting foliage, and especially flowers and newly set fruit from black rot (BR), Phomopsis (Ph), powdery mildew (PM), Downy mildew (DM), and Botrytis bunch rot infections.
Timely Viticulture Timeline: Pre-Bloom, Bloom, and Post Bloom
Feb 01, 2021

Timely Viticulture

Timely Viticulture is an electronic newsletter designed to remind grape producers of seasonal vineyard needs and considerations throughout the year.
Timely Viticulture Timeline
Jan 01, 2020

Greenhouse Pesticides & Bactericides for Vegetables

Greenhouse Pesticides & Bactericides for Vegetables
Apr 02, 2021

Early Season Scouting for Wheat Diseases

Some foliar diseases affecting wheat can be present early in the season. Scout fields early so you can be prepared to make management decisions.
Green wheat field in spring prior to jointing