Forestry Best Management Practices

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Updated: July 27, 2021

Woodland Management: "The Woods in Your Backyard"

The land care practices in "The Woods in Your Backyard" has helped hundreds of property owners and land managers. Our new publications, "Woodland Health Practices Handbook" and "Woodland Health Assessment Checklist," help green industry professionals apply these practices to their business services.
Updated: July 27, 2021

The Woods in Your Backyard Workbook

The Woods in Your Backyard Workbook is available for free download as a PDF with fillable fields. It can be used in conjunction with The Woods in Your Backyard guide or on its own to help property owners assess their natural areas and to determine how to reach their land care objectives.
Updated: July 20, 2021

Maryland Small Acreage Professional Foresters Directory (Fact Sheet 1067)

The consulting and industrial professional foresters listed in this publication are willing to work with small acreage woodland owners to encourage healthy and sustainable woodlands.
Updated: July 20, 2021

Maryland Consulting & Industrial Foresters Directory - University of Maryland Extension Fact Sheet #1059 (revised July 2021)

The Maryland Consulting and Industrial Foresters Directory lists licensed professional foresters who offer a wide range of services to woodland property owners. Services include forest stewardship plans, timber stand and wildlife habitat improvement, and much more. The Directory is for reference only and is not an endorsement of any forester listed.
Updated: June 30, 2021


Deep row entrenchment (DRE) is a biosolids beneficial reuse system suited to strip mine reclamation using biosolids and hybrid poplar trees. This publication provides best management practices resulting from years of research by the University of Maryland on a private gravel spoil site in southern Maryland. Application of the technique to coal mine spoils is discussed with examples of commercial applications.
Updated: June 9, 2021

The Woods in Your Backyard videos

"The Woods in Your Backyard" program has assisted thousands of property owners across the region learn how to get more from their natural areas.
Maryland Woodland Stewards Workshop 2009 - Bluestem Farm. Photo by Edwin Remsburg
Updated: June 1, 2021

Woodland Management: Managing your Woodlands

Publications to help you better manage your woodlands.
Updated: May 14, 2021

The Woods In Your Backyard Creating Natural Areas from Existing Lawn or Pasture - University of Maryland Extension Information Sheet

Are you a homeowner with a blanket of lawn you wish was occupied with natural vegetation and trees? This publication summarizes some of the features of the Woodland Stewardship Education's "The Woods in Your Backyard" program.
Updated: May 6, 2021

Measuring Your Forest - University of Maryland Extension Fact Sheet #629

As a landowner, you can learn how to measure property boundaries, ground slope, standing timber size, log volume, and other important measurements with a few simple tools.
Updated: May 6, 2021

Sources of Information and Guidance for Forest Stewards - University of Maryland Extension Fact Sheet #624

Forest land can be managed for a variety of benefits, including timber, wildlife, recreation, and soil and water conservation. This publication describes services offered to private forest owners by public agencies and private organizations in Maryland.