Watershed Protection

Apr 09, 2021

Rain Barrel Workshop

The Charles County Government and University of Maryland Extension are pleased to offer a workshop on the practical uses for rain barrels and how they reduce the impact of runoff on our local waterways and Chesapeake Bay.
Rain Barrel
May 01, 2016

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a planted depression in the landscape that collects and allows rainwater runoff from hard surfaces to be absorbed. Rain gardens are planted with native plants, and include a soil media and mulch.
Feb 25, 2021

Conservation Landscaping

A conservation landscape is a garden that improves water quality, promotes and preserves native species, and provides wildlife habitat. Conservation landscaping replaces some of the turf grass of a traditional lawn with native plants.
Jan 30, 2021

Certified Baywise Landscaping

Most Maryland residents live within a half-mile of a storm drain, stream or river.  Most of those waterways eventually drain into the Chesapeake Bay. 
Feb 12, 2021

Introduction to Rain Gardens

Introduction to the use, planning and building of rain gardens.
Mar 28, 2021

Permeable Hardscapes

Permeable hardscapes help manage stormwater (surface water from heavy rains or snow) and are an alternative to hard surfaces. Materials used as permeable hardscapes allow stormwater to seep into the ground (permeate) rather than pool in low spots or run off into storm drains or local streams. This Extension Brief is meant to provide the property owner with information about selecting permeable hardscapes. Installation should be performed by an experienced, certified contractor.
Permeable hardscape
Apr 01, 2015

Downspout Redirection

Hard surfaces such as roofs increase runoff by preventing rain water from being absorbed into the ground.
Jun 09, 2020

Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Rain barrels and cisterns are devices that are placed at the end of downspouts to collect rainwater and store it for later use.
Mar 01, 2000

Riparian Buffer Financial Assistance Opportunities (Fact Sheet #769)

Landowners interested in creating riparian buffers can take advantage of cost-share programs available for establishing buffers. This publication outlines some of the programs available.
Feb 11, 2004

Riparian Buffer Management: An Introduction to the Riparian Forest Buffer

A riparian forest buffer encompasses the area from the streambank to and including an area of vegetation located upslope from the water. This publication provides background information on this habitats.