purchased raised beds

Purchased raised beds

Updated: November 21, 2023

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In-ground gardens 

Start small with an in-ground garden or raised beds; it is easy to "bite off more than you can chew." A good starter size for a vegetable garden is 50-75 square feet. Expand when you are ready. Start an in-ground garden by preparing the soil.

Raised beds

Raised beds are improved areas of soil elevated above ground level and often surrounded and contained with boards or other rigid materials. Learn about constructing raised beds.

Container gardening

Container gardening is a simple and fun way to grow edible crops in just about any situation. Even if you have an in-ground vegetable garden you may find it desirable to have containers of herbs and salad greens near the kitchen door. Learn about container gardening.

Community gardens

Our community gardens page has information on existing community gardens and how to start a community garden.

Youth gardening

Children should know where their food comes from and be educated about the many benefits of vegetable gardening. Learn about youth gardening.

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