Updated: December 10, 2021
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  • All eggs sold in the State of Maryland must be produced and packed by persons who register with the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Repackers (including retailers removing eggs from the original carton and placing in other cartons) must also register annually. Packers and repackers must maintain records identifying the source of the eggs.
  • All persons who sell or deliver shell eggs to retailers, wholesalers or food service facilities in Maryland must register with the Maryland Secretary of Agriculture annually by filing an application and paying a $30.00 fee by the first of January. A certificate of registration must be conspicuously displayed at each business location.
  • All persons selling or delivering shell eggs to retailers and food service facilities in Maryland are required to submit a report, on a form provided by the Department, and any inspection fees due, at a rate of .08¢ per thirty (30) dozen case, on a quarterly basis. The following quarters have been established:
  1. 1st Quarter - Jan., Feb., Mar. - Due no later than April 30th
  2. 2nd Quarter - Apr., May, June - Due no later than July 30th
  3. 3rd Quarter - July, Aug., Sept. - Due no later than October 30th
  4. 4th Quarter - Oct., Nov., Dec., - Due no later than January 30th.

    A producer/packer who keeps 3,000 or fewer chickens and who sells eggs only from those chickens must register annually, but is exempt from paying the registration and inspection fees.
  • After processing and packaging, all shell eggs shall be transported, stored and displayed in the refrigerated area of a unit whose temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
  • All shell eggs sold, donated or delivered in Maryland must not exceed the USDA destination tolerances allowed for the labeled grade and size. Shell eggs sold, donated or delivered to Maryland wholesalers, retailers, food service facilities or consumers must be labeled Grade A or Grade AA. In shell pasteurized eggs must not exceed 7% checks or 1% dirty, leaker or loss in combination (loss may not exceed .33%)
  • Grade tolerances shall be in accordance with the official U.S. Department of Agriculture's destination standards for consumer grades as follows:
U.S Consumer Grade Quality Required

Tolerance Permitted*

Percent     Quality

Grade AA 72% AA

Up to 28     A or B

Not over 7 Checks

Grade A 82% A or Better

Up to 18     A or B

Not over 7 Checks

*Additional tolerances apply for B quality, loss, leakers, dirties, bloodspots, etc.

  • All eggs shall meet the labeled weight standards as follows:
Weight Class Minimum Net Weight per Dozen Minimum Weight for Individual Eggs
  Ounces Ounces
Jumbo 30 2.42
Extra Large 27 2.17
Large 24 1.92
Medium 21 1.67
Small 18 1.42
PeeWee 15 --


  • Cartons and cases of eggs shall be labeled with a grade, a size, safe handling instructions, the packer or distributor name and address, lot number, packer registration number, quantity statement and the identity of the product as eggs. Cartons and cases of in shell pasteurized eggs shall be labeled with a size, refrigeration statement, the packer or distributor name and address, lot number, packer registration number, quantity statement and the identity of the product as pasteurized eggs.
  • The markings of the grade and size upon any carton or container in which eggs are exposed for sale or delivered to the consumer shall be in legible lettering not less than 1/4 inch in height. Grade and size designations shall not be abbreviated.
  • Loose eggs offered for sale to consumers shall have the grade, size, lot number and registration number indicated by a placard exhibited among or closely adjacent to the eggs. The minimum size of this placard shall be 4 ½ by 6 inches.
  • A descriptive term or labeling may not be used when eggs are offered for sale, exposed for sale, sold, or advertised for sale if the term or labeling is false or misleading or is in violation of any provision of the law. 
  • Any person or firm selling or delivering eggs or in shell pasteurized eggs to wholesalers, retailers or food service facilities shall furnish to the buyer an invoice or equivalent record accurately detailing the following in English: name and address of both seller and buyer; date of delivery; the quantity of eggs sold; grade and size of eggs delivered (except in shell pasteurized eggs for which no grade is established); applicable inspection fees or the buyers registration number. Each grade and size of eggs covered by an invoice must be listed separately. A copy of this invoice shall be kept on file by the seller and the buyer at their respective places of business for a period of ninety days, and shall be available and open for inspection at all reasonable times to the Maryland Department of Agriculture or its agents.
  • No advertising of any other commodity shall be permitted on any egg container in which the advertising in any way might be representative of the grade and size of eggs, or misleads the consumer, or interferes with the legibility of the grade and size of the eggs.
  • All other rules and regulations of the Maryland Egg Law established under authority granted to the Maryland Department of Agriculture under Sections 2-103 and 4-301 through 4-312 of the Agriculture Article and Section 21-211 of the Health General Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland shall also be enforced.

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