Opportunities to Find Your Starting Point
Feb 12, 2019
By Ginger S. Myers

Mastering Marketing - February 2019

“You can’t solve your marketing problem tomorrow by simply repeating what you did yesterday.”   - Seth Godin

I get lots questions about how to market food and farm products but, the question that always seems to linger unsaid is “How do I get started?” Whether it’s launching an enterprise,  getting the training needed to become a successful food entrepreneur, putting together a multi-component marketing plan, or just deciding what to produce, we all seem to struggle with a “starting point”. When tackling a venture of any kind, “we just don’t know, what we don’t know.”

► Maryland Extension’s Agricultural Marketing Program and the Maryland Rural Enterprise Development website provides resources and links for production, marketing, and one-one entrepreneurial coaching for mapping out your next steps. 

On-line access makes this information available 24/7/365.

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► Upcoming trainings and networking opportunities. Ask questions, get answers.

Food for Profit- Starting a Specialty Food Business in Maryland
Are you a food entrepreneur? Do you want to create and market a specialty food in Maryland? Food for Profit is a one-day workshop designed to help you work through 
the maze of local and state regulations, food safety issues, and business management concepts that all must be considered in setting up a commercial food business. This 
course will be held at the Prince George’s Soil Conservation District Offices, 5301 Marlboro Racetrack Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20722 on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 
from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This session has been specifically adapted from Penn State’s popular program to address Maryland’s food production regulations, food entrepreneurial resources, and marketing opportunities.

Let us help you learn how to succeed in your budding food business.
More information or to register you can go to: https://ffp-apr9.eventbrite.com

Sowing the Seeds of Social Media Success- Strategic Market Planning
The marketing world is rapidly changing and so are the tools for interacting with 
your target market. Internet and social media channels abound. Interactive marketing opportunities such as websites, blogs, e-mail campaigns, podcasts, e-commerce, and 
videos are taking the marketing world by storm. But with the time demands of running 
a successful business, how do you determine which of these tools match your marketing goals and your technical abilities? This seminar seeks to offer training for those ready to expand their already existing Internet marketing plans to the next level. Seminar topics 
will include:

  • Learn to define business vision and goals, brand voice and how to align them with social media marketing activities,
  • Gain insight on the operation and application of major social networking platforms,
  • Learn to create a marketing action plans based on desired outcomes and how 
    to integrate social media into the mix.
  • Stay out of trouble by learning the legal parameters concerning postings, dealing with negative feedback, posting pictures, and on-line offerings.
  • Hear from a panel of successful social media farm marketers.

When: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.
Where: Chesapeake College, Room HEC 110, 1000 College Circle Wye Mills, MD 21679 410-822-5400
Registration: https://socialmedia-wyemills.eventbrite.com