Updated: January 16, 2024
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Establishing and/or managing wildlife habitat helps property owners reach their goals for assisting one or more native species.

Establishing/Managing Wildlife Habitat Providers

Please note that the mention of, the visual representation, or the referred reference to a service or organization in this directory does not imply endorsement by the author or any of the partners. The exclusion does not imply a negative evaluation. Descriptions are provided by the supplier, and not verified or monitored by the University of Maryland Extension.

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Backyard Bounty - Frederick County

Conservation Services, Inc. - Waynesboro City (Virginia)

Dyson Forestry - St. Mary's County

Frederick Landscaping, Inc. - Carroll County

Habitat Enhancers - Frederick County

Howard EcoWorks, Inc. - Howard County

PDK Horticultural Phragmites & Invasive Plant Control - Queen Anne's County

Pinehurst Landscape Co. - Baltimore County

Poplar Hill Horticultural Services - Montgomery County

Sustainable Solutions LLC - Jefferson County (West Virginia)