two deer in a field
Updated: May 16, 2022

Deer pressure is a big challenge for urban and peri-urban outdoor growers. This article will offer you three resources to learn how to prevent deer from eating your hard-won produce.

UMD Extension's Bulletin 354, "Managing Deer Damage in Maryland," by Jonathan Kays, details the costs, benefits, and effectiveness of different deer management options, including dogs, ultrasonic devices, repellants, fencing, and population management. 

EB 354 Managing Deer Damage in Maryland

Many growers find that a good fence is necessary. If possible, build your deer exclusion system BEFORE planting. Once deer know that something delicious is behind a fence, they become much more determined to get past that fence.

UMD Extension's Home and Garden Information Center has created two helpful videos to show you different fencing options.

Consider zoning rules when building fences

When building fencing, also take local zoning rules into account.

Baltimore City's zoning and building codes are online at  

The section on fencing rules is in this document called "BUILDING, FIRE, AND RELATED CODES," under "SECTION 3114 FENCES," on page 103 (p. 129 of the file).