Indoor plant with a leaf that is turning brown

Indoor plant with a leaf that is turning brown that should be removed.

Updated: March 10, 2023

Maintain healthy houseplants with good grooming practices

  • Pinching removes one inch or less of new stem and leaf growth to just above the node, stimulating new lateral growth to make a well filled-out houseplant.
  • Pruning an indoor plant removes an entire branch or section of a plant for the sake of appearance.
  • Using sharp scissors, neatly trim off leaf tips if they are dry or brown.
  • Keep leaves dust-free by washing with warm water.
  • Remove all spent flowers, dying or yellowing leaves, and dead branches. 
  • Keep your plants clean and neat; not only are they more attractive, but this practice reduces insect and disease problems.
  • Disbudding means removing certain flower buds to obtain larger blooms from a few choice buds. It also eliminates flowering in a young plant or recently rooted cutting that should not bear the physical strain of flowering early.