Fall family fun sounds like a good time!  Many families find themselves scrambling to adapt to the routine of a new school year.  The activities of a busy family can take on a life of their own, leaving loads of stress, some unhealthy habits, and very little time for family fun.  Let’s take a look at a few ways to help put the fun back into fall for your family.


Meal Time  

If you are trying to make any healthy changes in your life, set yourself up for success and fun by planning ahead. Here are some suggestions for meal time.

MENU PLANNING:  Sketch out a plan for the week, but be realistic.  Pizza night or eating on the go may have to be the plan for a night or two.  Involve the family by letting them contribute their healthy ideas to the menu for the week.  Hopefully, healthy cooking at home is also on the schedule.  A few great menu planning tips include: 

  • It is much more likely to work if you have a menu and all the ingredients on hand.  Start with our Eat Smart Recipes site to choose some great options. 
  • Prepare most of the food for your meals on the weekend or when you have a nice chunk of time.
  • Double the recipe and freeze the leftovers for another day.
  • Make a meal work twice.  For example, if you have rotisserie chicken one night, use the leftovers to make an easy casserole or soup for later in the week. 
  • Involve the family to make it more fun!   Let your child be the chef and take credit for the meal.  This will inspire their interest and keep them involved.

SHOPPING:  The next step after creating a menu is shopping for the ingredients.  

  • Most markets make it easy by providing convenient pick-up or delivery services.  Use these services to make your life easier and ensure your meal plan is successful!  
  • Some markets allow you to make a list online that tells you the aisle you can find the foods on your shopping list.
  • If children are old enough they may actually assist with the shopping.   These fun experiences and  responsibility will go a long way to establishing good habits.  

Keeping Active

It is true what they say-the family that plays together, stays together!  Fall is full of possibilities for fun activities that will bring the family together and create some wonderful memories. The cooler weather and change of seasons is the perfect time to make some family fun!  

  • Look for local events like farmers’ markets and fall festivals.  Let your child pick a fall vegetable at the market like squash or apples and cook something yummy together for dinner.
  • Plan a hike and collect fall leaves or turn it into a scavenger hunt.
  • Find an orchard where you can pick apples.  Come home and make applesauce together!
  • Don’t forget the pumpkins!  Plan a trip to pick a pumpkin or go to a store  and let the kids pick one out.  Make some memories back home as you carve pumpkins on the porch.  Wait till dark and then light the Jack-o’-Lanterns and enjoy while sipping on your favorite warm beverage.
  • Plan a Halloween or fall themed party for your family.  Plan a craft, snack, and games.  Don’t forget to dress up!

One last tip for fun with the family anytime… since kiddos grow up way too fast!

It’s important to make happy, healthy memories while we can.  Don’t feel as though you have to overspend or over-plan.  Remember to plan ahead when you can, but don’t forget to find the fun in every moment!  

Have a happy, healthy fall, y'all!


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