What's in your pantry?  Take a closer look and then check out  these Cooking 5 Ways ideas.  Use pantry foods you have on hand, in different ways, to make healthy meals and snacks!

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  • Corn taco with beans, lettuce, and cheese  (Shutterstock -- copyrighted LW download)

    Beans 5 Ways

    Looking for ways to make a hearty meal for less? Beans are a low-cost option instead of meat.

  • A small bowl with a variety of dried beans.

    Cooking with Beans

    Try these different ways to cook dried beans - a quick soak method when you are short on time and a long soak method when you can plan meals ahead.

  • Rice dish with cucumbers, peas, corn, and tomatoes in a wooden bowl (Shutterstock -- LW rights)

    Rice 5 Ways

    Rice is nice any time of day! Serve rice as a side dish, as a tasty dessert, in casseroles and soups too!

  • A variety of different rice - -white, red, brown, long grain (Shutterstock -- LW rights)

    Cooking with Rice

    Try something new! Learn about different kinds of rice, cooking directions, and ways to stretch your meals farther.

  • Large bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, bananas, and peanut butter. (Shutterstock -- LW rights)

    Peanut Butter 5 Ways

    It's not just for sandwiches! Peanut butter adds protein to meals and snacks to keep you going strong all day long.

  • Tomato sauce topped with basil cooking in a pot.

    Tomatoes 5 Ways

    All forms count! Canned vegetables and fruits are healthy options, ready to add to any meal. Try these suggestions!

  • Lettuce wraps with made with canned chicken in a semi circle and a bowl of dip to the right.  (Shutterstock -- LW rights)

    Canned Chicken and Fish 5 Ways

    It's fully cooked and ready to eat when you are! Make meals in a snap with these serving ideas.

  • Pasta with pumpkin chickpea sauce and basil in a colorful purple bowl.

    Canned Pumpkin 5 Ways

    Add delicious flavor, fiber, and nutrition with canned pumpkin! Check out these serving ideas and give pumpkin a starring role in your recipes.

  • Oatmeal energy bites with chocolate chips and stacked in a white bowl.  (Shutterstock -- LW rights)

    Oats 5 Ways

    Start your day with whole grains! Oats are a low-cost breakfast that will keep you feeling full until lunchtime. Try these other ideas for adding oats to main dishes and snacks too!

  • Oats soaked in milk in a small glass jar and topped with blueberries, raspberries, and banana.

    Milk 5 Ways

    Want to boost nutrition in family meals? Add milk for calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Try these tasty ideas and stay strong with milk!

  • Omelet topped with canned vegetables on a wooden background.

    Canned Vegetables 5 Ways

    No time to chop vegetables? Pop open a can of carrots, lima beans, green beans, or beets and make a healthy meal in a flash!

  • Colorful salad with tomatoes and canned mandarin oranges.

    Canned Fruit 5 Ways

    Sweeten things up, naturally. Add canned fruit to breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes too! Check out these delicious ideas!

  • A variety of green leafy vegetables.

    Cooking with Leafy Greens

    Try cooking your leafy greens in a variety of ways! Leafy greens can be listed as softer or tougher depending on the variety. Learn about the different types of leafy greens and how to choose, prepare and cook.