Coastal Climate Program

Climate change is already impacting Marylanders, but there are actions you can take to adapt to current and future climate impacts and to protect yourself, your family, and your community.

The Maryland Sea Grant Extension Coastal Climate Program provides science-based information to promote climate adaptation in coastal communities throughout the state. We assist residents and decision-makers with understanding and preparing for the effects of climate change, with a focus on flooding due to sea level rise, precipitation, and storm events.

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  • image of a flooded field

    Climate Change in Maryland

  • Image of floodwater encroaching on a rural Eastern Shore road

    Sea Level Rise

  • Image of flooding at Baltimore's Inner Harbor


Coastal Flooding and Climate Change Webinar Recordings (September 2021)

  • Screen shot image of the Climate Explorer online tool showing a graph of the average daily maximum temperature for Anne Arundel County, MD

    Climate Change Trends in Your Community (9/9/21)

    Learn about climate change trends in Maryland and online tools for finding climate information about your city or county.

  • Presentation image consisting of 4 photos showing the causes of coastal flooding: Tides, Rainfall, Storm Surge, and Sea Level Rise

    Coastal Flooding Causes and Consequences (9/16/21)

    Learn about sources of coastal flooding and tools for understanding your local flood risk today and in the future.

  • Image of a rural road with a yellow marker next to the roadside ditch. The marker has one and two foot marks on it to show the level of water when it floods.

    Living with the Water: Strategies for Reducing Flood Impacts (9/23/21)

    Learn about actions you can take to protect your property, prepare your household, and make your community more resilient.