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  • Commercial Poultry Production

    Our goal is to help Delmarva's poultry industry and growers with general practical knowledge about production practices in order to continue to develop, maintain, and operate economically viable and environmentally responsible poultry operations. 

    Maryland Poultry Farm
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    o Grower Lunch Break with Extension returns July 7 - Cool Cell Pad Maintenance

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    Preventing Outbreaks of Avian Influenza Through Science-based Education of:
    'Commercial Poultry Farmers', 'Technical Personnel' and 'Backyard Poultry Producers' with subtitles in 5 languages

    Poultry Farm in Easton, Md.
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    Extension Specialists and County Educators are available to help answer questions and give advice in care and management of your flock.

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  • Small Flock/Backyard Poultry

    Interested in owning a small flock?
    Do you already have a small flock?
    Raising a backyard flock can be very rewarding for the entire family. There is an activity for everyone to participate when raising poultry. Poultry is usually classified into three categories: 1) egg layers, 2) meat-type, and 3) dual purpose. 

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