Program at MDA in Salisbury
Updated: May 16, 2023

We are having more in-person Grower Lunch Breaks in Salisbury at the new Maryland Department of Agriculture Animal Diagnostic Lab conference room and in Denton at the Caroline Co. 4H Park.  

Below, see our recent and not-so-recent videos and slides of talks from programs in the past.


March 8, 2023: 'Poultry Gut Health: Challenges and Opportunities' with Dan Bautista, DVM, of Zoetis, with Dr. Steve Coy-Fitz of Merck, and Dr. Jennifer Timmons of UMES. 

March 1, 2023:  'Covering Poultry Legal Issues: Trespassing and Drones' with Paul Goeringer, UMD Extension Legal Specialist, and Anthony Gorski, Agriculture Attorney, Annapolis, MD.

February 1, 2023:  'Integrated Housefly Management in Poultry Production' with Dr. Simon Zebelo, Director of Plant Biology Center for Integrated Pest Management. See Sean Clougherty's The Delmarva Farmer article about this presentation 'Moisture, Temperature Keep in Fly Control'.  

December 9, 2022:  "HPAI Prevention and Control" with Drs. Tablante and Ghanem, Jenny Rhodes and Drs. Leanna Koval and Janine Davenport of MDA

October 26, 2022:  "Suspicious Vehicles and Drones" with Paul Goeringer, UME Legal Specialist, and Attorney Anthony Gorski

June 1, 2022:  "Top Tips to Keep Your Birds Safe" with UME and UDE

May 4, 2022:  "Life Cycle of a House Fly" and IPM talk from Dr. Simon Zebelo, Assoc. Prof. of Entomology

April 6, 2022:  MDA Tour of New MDA Animal Diagnostics Building - Postponed due to Avian Influenza

February 2, 2022:  Maryland Department of the Environment:  'AFO Update, Recordkeeping, and CAFO Annual Fees' by Darren Alles

December 1, 2021:  "How to Investigate Water Issues" with Dr. Tom Tabler, Extension Professor

November 3, 2021:  Solar Green Energy presented at On Farm Open House - no Recording or Notes

July 7, 2021:  Importance of Cool Cell Pad Maintenance - Isaac Singletary of Munters

May 5, 2021:  Broiler Health Update with Dr. Nanette Olmeda-Geniec of University of Delaware's Lasher Labs

April 7, 2021:  Litter Management in ABF Production - Connie Mou of Jones-Hamilton

March 3, 2021:  Controlling Darkling Beetle Infestations in Chicken Houses with Kimber Ward of Elanco