Program at MDA in Salisbury
Updated: March 15, 2024

We are having in-person Grower Lunch Breaks in Salisbury at the new Maryland Department of Agriculture Animal Diagnostic Lab conference room and in Denton at the Caroline Co. 4H Park.  

Below, see our recent and not-so-recent videos and slides of talks from programs in the past.


March 6, 2024:  'Poultry Health Updates 2.0' with Dr. Dan Bautista, DVM, of Zoetis

Watch Video of Meeting on'Poultry Health Updates 2.0'

Feb. 7, 2024:  'Poultry Farm Safety' with Jon Moyle and Jenny Rhodes at the Wicomico Co. Extension Office

Watch Video of Meeting on 'Poultry Farm Safety'

Sept. 26, 2023:  'Tunnel Ventilation Update' by Mike Czarick of GA Univ. Extension, and 'Water Issues' by Mary Katherine Foy, of Proxy-Clean Products

Sept. 6, 2023:  'Taxes' with Henry T. Leonard, III, CPA, Tax Manager, BSC Group, LLC, Certified Public Accountants

J. Rhodes and Henry Leonard during tax talk 9.26.23

May 3, 2023:  'Energy and Cost-Share Opportunities'  - Full Videos - Click on presentation:

April 5 & 6, 2023:  'Poultry House Litter Management" with Dr. Craig Coufal of Jones-Hamilton Co. 

March 8, 2023: 'Poultry Gut Health: Challenges and Opportunities' with Dan Bautista, DVM, of Zoetis, with Dr. Steve Coy-Fitz of Merck, and Dr. Jennifer Timmons of UMES. 

March 1, 2023:  'Covering Poultry Legal Issues: Trespassing and Drones' with Paul Goeringer, UMD Extension Legal Specialist, and Anthony Gorski, Agriculture Attorney, Annapolis, MD.

February 1, 2023:  'Integrated Housefly Management in Poultry Production' with Dr. Simon Zebelo, Director of Plant Biology Center for Integrated Pest Management. See Sean Clougherty's The Delmarva Farmer article about this presentation 'Moisture, Temperature Keep in Fly Control'.