Northern bobwhite female quail.

Image Credit: Photo courtesy Brian E. Small/VIREO

April 11, 2022

Bobwhite quail have experienced the greatest decline of all birds in Maryland in the last 50 years, in large part due to the loss of early succession habitat – meadows, grassland, shrubland, and young forests. To reverse this trend, we will be holding a workshop for farmers, foresters, landowners, and land managers with a strong interest in creating or managing quail and early succession habitat on a scale of 10 acres or more.

The workshop will include talks about the current status of the northern bobwhite quail and other grassland birds, habitat requirements, habitat management techniques, and how to take advantage of financial assistance programs to support this habitat type in Maryland. The workshop will be held at 9am on June 14, 2021, at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Lunch will be available for purchase at the cafeteria, and participants are welcome to attend a field visit to nearby Chino Farms, where an active habitat management program has helped maintain a healthy population of northern bobwhite quail.

To view the agenda and register to attend, please visit, or contact Luke Macaulay by email at, by phone at (703) 798-8459, or by mail at 124 Wye Narrows Dr., Queenstown, MD 21658.

This workshop is a collaboration between Washington College, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the University of Maryland Extension. For questions or additional information, please contact Luke Macaulay ( or Daniel Small (

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