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 COVID-19 and Health Insurance

COVID-19 is presenting new and challenging health insurance questions for Marylanders.  The University of Maryland Extension Health Insurance Literacy Action Team has put together a short video highlighting key health insurance tips to help you stay healthy during this event.

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Smart Choice Health Insurance ™ - Basics

Choosing the right health insurance plan makes you a smart consumer. Increase your understanding of health insurance and learn strategies for selecting a health insurance plan that will meet your health care needs and fit your spending plan.

Smart Use Health Insurance™ - Smart Actions

Knowing how to use your health insurance will make you a smart health care consumer. Identify smart actions that will help you become a Smart User of health insurance.

Smart Use Health Insurance™ - Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs

Taking control of your health care costs makes you a smart health care consumer. Better understand and estimate your health care expenses so you can plan for future health care costs.

Smart Use Health Insurance™ - Your Health Insurance Benefits

Do you know what your health insurance covers? Understanding your health insurance benefits will make you a smart health care consumer. Learn strategies for understanding, getting and using your health insurance benefits.

Health Insurance 4U
          November 2019


Smart Choice Smart Use Basics Health (Spanish)



Insuring Your Health
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