Adult Cooper's Hawk. Photo (c) Owen Strickland, Macaulay Library

Adult Cooper's Hawk. Photo (c) Owen Strickland, Macaulay Library.

Updated: November 13, 2023
By Andrew Kling

In our Summer 2023 issue...

Our editor asks, "Is Artificial Intelligence ready to take over key roles of woodland stewardship?" Read about two new publications to help you with your woodland stewardship, and how you can join us for our online courses this fall. One of our regular features, the "Woodland Wildlife Spotlight," looks at the Cooper's hawk, and "Invasives in Your Woodlands" looks at winter creeper. And don't forget the events calendar and the Brain Tickler challenge. 

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AI and your Woodlands: Not There (Not Yet)

Andrew A. Kling, Branching Out editor

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) has received a lot of attention lately. While it can do some things relatively well, the question is, can it replace the human element when it comes to woodland stewardship?

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Two New Publications to Help You Manage your Woodlands

New from the Woods in Your Backyard Partnership (including UME contributors): Woodland Health Practices: A Field Guide

New from University of Maryland Extension: "Losing Your Trees to the Sea? Options for Maryland's Coastal Woodland Owners"

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Becoming a Steward of the Land: UME Forestry Program Offers Certification Course

 Learn to be a steward of the land this fall with the University of Maryland Extension’s General Forestry Course.  The online course features revised content with updated with many new full-color photos and graphics, and will run from August 28 through December 11, 2023.

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Registration is Now Open For the Fall Session of “The Woods in Your Backyard” Online Course

Are you a small-acreage property owner who wants to learn how to care for or how to expand existing woodlands, or how to convert lawn space to woodlands? Then join us for our self-directed, non-credit online course. It runs for ten weeks, from September 5 to November 14.

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Woodland Wildlife Spotlight: Cooper's Hawk

Andrew A. Kling, Faculty Associate

The Cooper's hawk is found across much of the continental United States and throughout Maryland. It excels at flying through dense woodland cover in search of prey, but can also found in wooded suburbs and parks.

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Invasives in Your Woodland: Winter Creeper

Andrew A. Kling, Faculty Associate

In this issue, we spotlight a vigorous evergreen vine that can form dense mats of shrubs as well as climb into trees. It's reported in all but three Maryland counties and has spread across most of the eastern United States.

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Events Calendar

August 16, 2023, 12:00—1:00 PM
Advice from the Woods: Ask the Experts

Join a panel of forestry and wildlife extension experts from Penn State Extension for this free webinar as they tackle commonly-asked and participant-submitted questions about woodland management. Visit this link to learn more and to register.


August 31, 2023. 7:30—9:00 PM
2023 Forest Farming Webinar Series: Ginseng

Join Penn State Extension educators for this free webinar that examines the agroforestry practices of forest farming and the uses and benefits of American ginseng. Learn more and register at this link.


September 1, 2023, 12:15  –12:30 PM
Fifteen Minutes in the Forest: Forest Myths
Join Virginia Tech's Jennifer Gagnon for an exploration of common forestry myths and misconceptions. Visit the Facebook or YouTube page at 12:15 on September 1 to watch the video and participate in a live chat.


October 16-20, 2023
World Forum on Urban Forests
Washington, DC

The theme for the 2nd World Forum on Urban Forests is “Greener, Healthier and Happier Cities for All.” The Forum is intended for a wide variety of participants, including foresters, urban planners, and policymakers. Go to this link to learn more.