On-Farm Training

The organizations below offer on-farm training and/or other events.  Please explore the opportunities online by visiting these websites. Also, please see the Events Calendar for Beginning Farmer Success Events. 

  • Logo with a cow shaped head overtop of a red apple for Future Harvest Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

    Future Harvest CASA

    Future Harvest CASA is a network of farmers, agricultural professionals, landowners and consumers living and working in the Chesapeake region, which includes Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC. Future Harvest CASA promotes profitable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable food and farming systems that work to sustain communities.

  • Green logo with leaves that says Maryland Farm Link

    Maryland FarmLINK

    Maryland FarmLINK helps Maryland farmers sell or buy farmland, mentor novice farmers and find important farming news and information. By providing valuable workshops & more for new and established farmers, Maryland FarmLINK can help to keep the region's farmland productive and the agricultural economy strong and vibrant.

  • Aerial image of CMREC fields with tractor pulling a group of people

    University of Maryland Research and Education Center Websites

    Visit University of Maryland Research and Education Center websites to learn about on-farm training opportunities: Central Maryland Research & Education Center, Lower Eastern Shore Research & Education Center, Western Maryland Research & Education Center, Wye Research & Education Center, and University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.