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We connect Maryland residents to trusted, science-based resources to grow healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities. Send us your questions, view gardening resources, and connect with the Master Gardener Program for local classes and other learning opportunities in person. All are welcome!


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    Master Gardener Program

    Master Gardeners are volunteers who combine their love of plants, people, and the environment to help Maryland residents grow healthy gardens.

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    Gardening Resources

    Explore all gardening topics: native and invasive plants, soil testing, food gardening, tree and shrub care, indoor plants, diagnosing problems, and more.

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    Ask Extension

    Get answers from our team of Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturists, Extension Faculty, and Master Gardeners.

Hot Topics

  • a cluster of tiny dark purple berries on an elderberry shrub

    Less Common Fruits for a Home Garden

    Native fruit plants, including elderberry, pawpaw, serviceberry, and chokeberry, can provide fruit for people and wildlife and support pollinators. 

  • monarda fistulosa plants in bloom with lavender flowers

    Deer-Resistant Native Plants

    Under current deer population pressure, no plant species is truly "deer proof," but these are our recommendations for  "deer-resistant" native plants.

  • a bee at blue false indigo flowers

    May Gardening Tips

    Summer bulbs like tuberous begonias and cannas can be planted now. Thin boxwood shrubs to reduce disease problems. Mining bees and bumble bee queens are becoming active now — they are important pollinators.

Videos & Webinars

Pruning Tall Herbaceous Perennials (Chelsea Chop)

Pruning Lower Tomato Leaves

How to Get Your Soil Tested

Blog Highlights

  • a closeup of a black wasp

    The Shared History of Wasps and Bees

  • coppery beetles on a raspberry plant - Japanese beetles

    Q&A: How to Manage Japanese Beetles

  • healthy vegetable seedlings

    Breaking the Rules for Hardening Off

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