Weed Management

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Updated: October 4, 2023

Keys to Identifying Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp (FS-2023-0653)

Pigweeds are annual weeds that can cause significant problems for Maryland farmers. Palmer amaranth and waterhemp are two pigweeds that are especially troublesome, and have been designated as noxious weeds by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Therefore, it is required that these two species be actively managed to prevent their spread and resulting negative impacts on Maryland agriculture. To the untrained eye, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp can appear similar to each other and to other pigweed species. However they can be easily distinguished from one another by looking at some key botanical characteristics. Becoming familiar with these species allows for earlier detection, and as a result, improved management practices. Authors: Kurt Vollmer, Ph.D., and Ben Beale; Title: Keys to Identifying Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp (FS-2023-0653)